Icing Teeth Whitening Reviews: Effectiveness, Safety, Usage Principle, and Cost

Nowadays dental care products market is literally overflowed with various teeth whitening solutions that allow the consumers to get obvious lighter teeth without leaving their home for getting the professional dental assistance.

However, not all the teeth whitening at home used products provide the equally effective results, since their bleaching extent is directly linked to the active ingredient concentration. What is more, some of the most effective commercial whiteners are obviously massier than the other ones. This makes numerous gel type teeth whitening products rather inconvenient and even dangerous (especially for children) to be used at home.

However, the latest Icing Teeth whitening method is claimed to be the brilliant combination of both high bleaching effectiveness and also easy-to-use form. But does this teeth whitener really provide the effective and, what is more, safe at home bleaching? I have decided to find this out by analyzing the published and online, professional and consumer icing teeth whitening reviews.

How Does Icing Teeth Whitening Method Work?

It is really hard to doubt the convenience of this new teeth whitening method. According to the numerous icing teeth whitening reviews, the whitener package actually resembles that of a lipstick. And similarly to a lipstick, you can apply it on your teeth any time during the day or night. In addition, you do not have to rinse your mouth with water after the procedure, since the saliva successfully removes the whitener residue.

As it is claimed in the professional icing teeth whitening reviews, the product active bleaching agent is hydrogen peroxide. Even though its concentration level is similar to the whitening gel one, which is considerably lower than the one in the professional bleachers, the teeth whitening effect is considerably increased due to the Icing Teeth whitening method special technology.

The thing is that the actual whitening stick contains special waxy material, which gets heated, and thus, releases the bleaching agent, as you rub the stick against your teeth. This way, according to the consumer icing teeth whitening reviews, the whitener not only rubs of the stubborn stains from yellow and also brown teeth, but also cleans away the dental plaque and makes your breath considerably fresher.

Is the Icing Teeth Whitening Method Safe for Me?

Almost all the dental care products, especially the ones containing active bleaching agent, have certain side-effects. However, according to the professional and also consumer icing teeth whitening reviews available, there are really few of them for the icing whitener.

Unlike the gel, strips, or tray type commercial teeth whitening products, the icing one is not dangerous for your gums and lips due to its waxy nature. What is more, the Icing Teeth whitening method can be used by the individuals with rather sensitive teeth.

The thing is that the waxy whitener base ensures the hydrogen peroxide getting released in a very moderate proportion and also allows its bubbles to stay on the teeth not more than for fifteen minutes. This time is enough for the icing teeth whitener to provide the good results and not enough for the teeth enamel to be damaged.

But still, remember to consult with your dental care provider after reading the icing teeth whitening reviews and finally deciding to get the product, if you have got sensitive teeth or probably some other related concerns.

How to Use the Icing Whitener?

According to the application instruction included and also icing teeth whitening reviews, it is better to use the Icing Teeth whitener once a day after having brushed your teeth. After that, you can apply the whitener without previously cleaning your teeth throughout the day and then, repeat the entire complex procedure once every next day.

Also remember to avoid eating, drinking, and rubbing your teeth with your tongue, while the icing whitener remains on your teeth. Otherwise, you run the risks of removing the thin wax coating, before the whitener has actually finished its work.

As it has been oftentimes mentioned in numerous icing teeth whitening reviews, to get the best results from the product usage, it is highly advisable to avoid eating the dark staining berries, such as cranberries and blueberries. In contrast to that, there are the recommendations to include the peaches, apples and strawberries into your daily diet, since they effectively clean your teeth without discoloring them.

When to Expect the Teeth Whitening Results?

As it has been stated in the professional icing teeth whitening reviews, the product is claimed to make your teeth five or even six shades lighter after one week of the regular usage. The final effect and speed of bleaching adittionally depends on your teeth staining severity and their enamel condition.

Is the Icing Teeth Whitening Method Best Option for Me?

According to the professional icing teeth whitening reviews, the whitener is capable of effectively dealing with the yellow and also dark brown inherited and age-related teeth staining, plus the one caused by certain drugs, foods, and / or beverages consumption.

In the close line with consumer icing teeth whitening reviews, this teeth bleaching method is really good for those patients, who have just had their dental braces just removed and thus, faced the thick yellow or even brown coating on their teeth areas, which have been previously covered with the brackets.

Still, remember the general teeth bleaching medical contraindications, which are also relevant for the icing teeth whitening products. These include periodontal diseases, tooth decays, dental fillings or any other dentures on the front teeth, and also inner teeth discoloration disorder. If you have any related concerns, consult with your dental care provider prior to applying any teeth whitening product.

How Much Does the Icing Teeth Whitener Cost?

According to the information I have got from the professional icing teeth whitening reviews, these dental products are available in almost 1000 beauty salons and spas all over the US and also in the manufacturer online shop. Remember that you can also undergo the professional icing teeth whitening procedure at your dentist's office.

When used at home, the average whitener price is about $60 per a package. If you are a first Icing Teeth whitening method time user, you can try a free fourteen days trial sample.

How to Get the Trial Sample?

To get a free sample you have to be at least eighteen years old first time user. You actually get it for free from the official White Ice website. All you have to pay are $2.99 for shipping all over the US, which usually takes from a couple of days to a week.

Hope, this icing teeth whitening reviews outline has been helpful for you to discover the new effective and convenient at home used teeth whitening product. Still, despite all the new method benefits, remember to consult with your dental care provider beforehand. Be healthy and wealthy!