How to Whiten Teeth Naturally: Five Effective Remedies and Precautions Tips

It might be a good idea to keep away from the numerous over-the-counter and in-office teeth whitening solutions to avoid the highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide associated temporary or even permanent teeth sensitivity, not to mention the gum area traumas. Go green instead and learn how to whiten teeth naturally!

Why Are the Natural Whiteners Beneficial for Me?

I believe that there is absolutely no need to spend a fortune either on the money-consuming commercial teeth whitening products, or to hurry from your office on the lengthy professional teeth bleaching procedures, especially, when you take into account the associated dental health risks.

The thing is that the Mother Nature has already equipped us with the brilliant effective and safe teeth whitening solutions, which will not just take care of your teeth shining white color, but also make them exceptionally healthy. So, my new article will highlight the most effective and also unexpected tips on how to whiten teeth naturally.

Why not to Welcome the Old Good Baking Soda?

Certainly, the obvious favorite among the how to whiten teeth naturally methods is a good old baking soda. And its perfect teeth whitening properties are not jus the old wive's tale. Even the ADA experts note that it is a fairly rapid, and what is more, teeth enamel friendly natural whitening remedy. What is more, the baking soda can make your teeth strong and thus, healthy by gently removing the dental plaque, food residue, and even coping with the tartar.

In the case you wonder on how to whiten teeth naturally using the baking soda, I have got several tips for you. First of all, can just put a little bit of this natural whitener directly onto your toothbrush head or mix it with your toothpaste to get a better flavor. And then, start brushing your teeth as you normally do, when using your regular toothpaste.

Secondly, you can practice on how to whiten teeth naturally by making the baking soda based homemade toothpaste. Just mix the full teaspoon of this natural whitener with a pinch of salt and some water to get a thick paste.

And finally, one can get a really amazing teeth whitening remedy, when mixing some baking soda with lemon juice to get the thick paste. Finish the whitening procedure with brushing your teeth with your fluoride toothpaste after applying this whitening remedy, since the lemon juice is known to create the harmful acidic environment in the mouth.

Remember to follow the baking soda usage tips and limitations to avoid the slight teeth enamel damage, associated with the routine use of this teeth whitening remedy and to get the best effect out of this how to whiten teeth naturally method.

Is It Safe to Use Hydrogen Peroxide At Home?

If you ask your grandparents on how to whiten teeth naturally, their answer is most likely to concern the hydrogen peroxide. But is it safe for the teeth enamel?

The answer will be positive, if you follow all this natural teeth whitener precaution tips. For instance, it is really important to follow the right water and hydrogen peroxide proportions, when making the mouthwash. As the starting point, the portion of water must be up to four times greater.

Secondly, you can rinse your mouth with this natural teeth whitening solution, but never swallow it. And finally, stop using this natural remedy, if you experience burning in your gums or lips, or just make a yet milder solution.

One more option on how to whiten teeth naturally with hydrogen peroxide is to dip a cotton ball in its mild solution and gently rub your teeth. The whitener and water ratio is about the same as in the previous recipe.

What Are the Most Delicious Natural Teeth Whiteners?

I have the brilliant news for the cheese fans. If you eat the small amount of this delicious dairy product, it enables your teeth enamel natural re-mineralization. Apart from the obvious teeth whitening effect, cheese will also take care of them by helping you to prevent the tooth decay.

Such the amazing effects are achieved thanks to the calcium together with phosphorus it contains. The latter two elements are also found in the milk, cottage cheese, and certainly, yoghurt. So, these dairy products will help you to practice on how to whiten teeth naturally in a very pleasant way.

And probably the most delicious natural teeth whitening remedy is the strawberries. Since these berries contain the natural whitening agents, they provide the obvious and really gentle effects. The whitening results get multiplied in many times thanks to the strawberries seeds, which act as the natural abrasives and thus, additionally remove the stubborn dental plaque and even tartar.

To learn how to whiten teeth naturally using the strawberries in the most convenient way, smash the berries and mix them with some baking soda. Apply the paste on your teeth and keep it there for about five minutes. Still, remember about brushing your teeth with fluoride toothpaste after this procedure, since the strawberries contain acids, no to mention sugars, which should be removed, if you want your teeth to remain not only white, but also healthy.

What is the Most Unusual Way On How to Whiten Teeth Naturally?

To my mind, by far the most unusual natural teeth whitener is the wood ash. Thanks to potassium hydroxide and its miniature crystals, this natural remedy helps to whiten and gently scrub your teeth even in the seemingly unreachable areas of your mouth. But this method on how to whiten teeth naturally must not be practiced on the regular basis to avoid the teeth enamel wear.

And finally, remember that even though the five above-mentioned five how to whiten teeth naturally remedies are effective enough, the white and also healthy teeth are unimaginable without the regular and thorough teeth flossing, not to mention brushing. Be healthy and wealthy!