Pain after Root Canal: Symptom Arrival Time, Nature, Causes, Dangerous Complications, Recovery Period Duration, Pain Relieving Methods

Many of us experience the unpleasant chill running behind their spine at a very thought about a root canal procedure, as this dental therapy is thought to be intolerably painful. However, contrary the widely spread opinion, it is called to relieve the acute tooth pain, associated with the irreversible dental pulp and nerves inflammation.

Still, even though nowadays the hell root canal procedure pain is just a myth, you still cannot heave the happy sigh of relief, as you are certain to experience some sort of pain after root canal surgery.

How Soon Am I going to Experience Pain after Root Canal?

Like any other surgical invasion, this kind of dental operation is associated with the affected tooth tissues structure damage and thus, you are going to feel pain after root canal operation. The post-surgical healing process is usually accompanied with a dull tooth pain, which manifests itself, as soon as the anesthetic medication wears out, that is in a couple of hours.

What Is Like Pain after Root Canal?

The ache you experience before the actual procedure involves your affected tooth pulp and / or nerves inflammation. Thus, the ache comes actually from the inner part of the inflamed tooth. As long as the inner tooth tissues get removed during the surgery, the pain after root canal is to come from the actual gum area.

What Causes Pain after Root Canal Surgery?

Do not panic, as the pain after root canal is the absolutely normal symptom during the pos-surgical recovery period and usually does not impose your dentist's mistake. Moreover, some dental care experts consider it to be the positive sign. However, if the pain manifestation is too vivid, it should not be neglected.

First of all, when the major tooth decay or trauma causing the tooth pulp and / or nerves inflammation gets neglected, the infection spreads into the tooth supportive bone and ligaments, the inflammation of which causes of the pain after root canal. Consequently, the sooner you start the inflammation source treatment, the less discomfort you are going to experience during the post-surgical recovery period.

Secondly, the pain after root canal is often caused by the inflamed tooth tissue entering the apex and further the tooth supportive bone. The more severe is the tooth inflammation, the more are the chances of this kind of symptom, endangered with an abscess formation on the gum area. What is more, sometimes, the apex might also be physically damaged by the dental appliances.

And, finally, the pain after root canal might be rarely enough associated with the hyper occlusion. However, this dental disorder should be managed by a dental care specialist.

To avoid or at least relieve the above-mentioned symptoms and possible post-surgical complications, it is essential for your dentist to ensure the adequate affected tooth disinfection before filling it in permanently to avoid the pain after root canal surgery.

When Should I Get Concerned About Pain after Root Canal?

You should get concerned, when you affected tooth painfully reacts to the temperature extremes, as such pain after root canal witnesses that it still comes from the inner part of your treated tooth and, consequently, its pulp and / or nerve is still alive and the inflammatory process still goes on. That is why, such the symptoms call for the immediate dental care consultation.

Such a pain after root canal might be associated with the extra root canal detection failure, incomplete root canal cleaning, or the inflamed tissue miniature residues still remaining near the tooth bottom.

How long Is Pain after Root Canal Going to Last?

The pain after root canal and soreness usually last for one or two weeks. If your painful symptoms last longer, or your medication does not work, do not hesitate to contact your dentist!

How Can I Manage Pain after Root Canal?

Your dental care professional will prescribe you a pain relieving medication, which is usually Ibuprofen to relieve the pain after root canal. If not, you can purchase Ibuprofen in your local drugstore and take 600-800 milligrams of the medication with your water and food. Also you can put the warm compress on the affected tooth area to lower the inflammation.

So, pain after root canal is the normal body response to the surgery, if it comes from the gum area. Nevertheless, you should get concerned, if the ache comes from the inside part of your just treated tooth. Usually, the root canal healing painful symptoms can be successfully managed home. Be healthy and wealthy!