Swollen Gums: Nature, Additional Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

Firm and pink gum line with no signs of bleeding or cracks is the basis of your good dental health. However, does its swelling always indicate the underlying dental health problems? And how to determine the exact source of the swollen gums symptom? In fact, this task requires the thorough consideration of the following aspects.

What Aspects Should I Consider, When Investigating My Swollen Gums Nature?

The gum line gets swollen in the result of the excess liquid accumulating within its soft tissues. The swelling intensity is closely linked to the disorder source, the right determination of which requires thorough professional medical and also at home monitoring of the swollen gums accompanying symptoms.

What Are the Swollen Gums Probable Additional Symptoms?

When being associated with the major dental or even general health disease, the swollen gums syndeome gets accompanied with the affected gum area redness, or even painful sensations, bleeding, or canker sores. Only in the advanced periodontal disease cases the swollen gums start to recede. These symptoms can be stable or variable, usually worsening during the meals or beverage consumption.

The probable swollen gums associated ache is a rare symptom that can also vary in the terms of its intensity and nature, starting from the dull or stabbing and up to sharp or burning sensations. Much oftener, the affected gum line gets merely sore, when touched than really painful.

Depending on the disorder source, the swelling can affect only a small part of gum area by forming an ulcer or canker sore, or sometimes, influence the entire gum line.

More rare swollen gums causes, such as nausea or vomiting, diarrhea or constipation, high fever, swollen lymph nodes, bad breath, sore tongue, or even unexplained weight loss originate from each individual swollen gums source. Such peculiar warning signs are to be further discussed.

What Are the Common Swollen Gums Sources?

To start with, the minor gum swelling is commonly linked to the poor oral hygiene. Such swollen gums rapidly return to the norm, as soon as the individual manages to brush and also floss his teeth regularly plus thoroughly.

Still, the prolonged inadequate dental care can easily result into the gum line inflammation and even bacterial, fungus, or viral infection. If this is the case, your moderately swollen gums might be affected by gingivitis or even further periodontal disease stages. In addition, dry mouth syndrome, medicinal drugs that impair salivation, alcoholic beverages, and certainly, tobacco products consumption cause the gum line to swell. The other medications, known to trigger the swollen gums problems, include amphetamines, birth control pills, and phenytoin.

On top of that, the poor dietary pattern is the second most common swollen gums source. For instance, the vitamin C deficiency is particularly closely linked to the scurvy development, which in turn, causes the swollen gums, anemia, gum line and body skin bleeding plus loss. Equally, the insufficient iron consumption frequently results into the swollen gums and anemia symptoms.

On the other hand, the swollen gums problems get often associated with the heavy metals like bismuth and lead poisoning.

Apart from that, the medical care providers reveal the close link between the frequent swollen gums syndrome occurrences and sharp hormonal profile changes. This makes the young people in their puberty age and also pregnant women the number one candidates for the disease high-risk group.

What Are the Rare Swollen Gums Triggers?

In some rare cases, the swollen gums symptom is associated with the physical gum line irritation in the result of the poorly fitting or unclean dental dentures, badly misaligned teeth problems, or rough tooth fillings. In some cases, the swollen gums might be the individual body reaction to certain dental care products.

Still, sometimes, the swollen gums symptom originates from the major underlying general health problems. For instance, numerous body soft tissues and bones infections, such as advanced cellulitis or osteomyelitis reveal the swollen gums symptom. This is also true of the immune system impairments and particularly AIDS, oral cancer, and rather rare condition called Behcet's syndrome; the latter disease is associated with the extensive blood vessels inflammation. Occasionally, the swollen gums might be the indirect heart attack warning sign.

Please, consider that the above-mentioned general health disorders are actually life-threatening. So, seek the immediate medical support, if your swollen gums get the chronic issue, accompanied with the general body weakness, bones pains, or blood vessels swelling.

How Are the Swollen Gums Associated Problems Treated?

Professional medical swollen gums treatment is required in cases, when the underlying general and severe dental health disease gets revealed. Such situations need the urgent and well-qualified medical assistance. Still, much oftener, the swollen gums related problems get successfully managed by the antibiotic medicines, which your doctor prescribes you, intake in the cases of the swelling bacterial or fungal nature. The other situations call for the dietary and / or lifestyle changes, as well as probable medications or their dosage regulations. But never change your medical drugs without previously consulting with your medical care provider.

This way, the minor swollen gums associated problems can be successful managed at home. The easiest thing you can do requires you to learn how to brush and floss your teeth properly in the first place. Secondly, restrict or even totally avoid tobacco and alcohol intake; replace the commercial mouthwashes with the natural homemade ones. Note that the baking soda or mere salt rinses will additionally help to calm your swollen gums.

And finally, remember to seek the urgent medical aid, if your swollen gums problems last longer than a week, get increasingly severe, not to mention, accompanied with any of the the above-mentioned serious symptoms. Take your time to visit your doctor, if your swollen gums are associated with any other discomforts. Be healthy and wealthy!