Gingivitis Treatment: Treatment Options, Adequate Oral Hygiene Program, Natural Treatment, Organic Supplements, and Professional Deep Dental Cleaning

Gingivitis is highly unpleasant but, still, easily managed at home periodontal disease. If you have noticed its symptoms, it is highly important to start the early gingivitis treatment to avoid future disease complications and its rapid and sometimes uncontrolled progression into the second, periodontitis stage, which is associated with major gums structure changes and even its receding that might result into a tooth loss. So, it is highly important to reveal the periodontal disease on its early stage and start the gingivitis treatment timely. Let's learn how to manage the task!

How To Choose the Right Gingivitis Treatment Option?

The gingivitis treatment options range from maintaining the adequate oral hygiene habits to natural remedies intake and even special professional deep dental cleaning procedure. All these treatment options are aimed at the elimination of the inflammation and the actual source of it.

The gingivitis treatment option choice depends on how far your periodontal disease has progressed, your individual response to some drugs and treatments, as well as your dental and general health. For instance, in the minor cases it can be treated at home by following the proper oral hygiene rules to remove the plaque and foods debris. However, when it comes to more severe gingivitis cases you might require the professional deep dental cleaning to remove the tartar.

Anyway, every gingivitis treatment program must include an adequate oral hygiene practice and immune system boosting remedies. In addition, the periodontal disease management often requires the underlying disease curing, if it has been proved to be the source of the gums infection.

What Does the Gingivitis Treatment Oral Hygiene Presupposes?

A proper oral hygiene program is the key to the early gingivitis treatment. This practice can be easily managed at home, if combined with routine dental check-ups.

At home gingivitis treatment is aimed on the effective dental plaque removal by regular and thorough teeth brushing and flossing. Make sure that the toothbrush you use has the soft bristles to avoid the additional gums irritation. Be attentive to replace it every 3 months to avoid the periodontal disease causing bacteria active breeding.

When choosing toothpaste, pick up the natural one, or the one marked with the "for the gingivitis treatment" label. Antibacterial mouthwashes are also particularly effective periodontal infection cure. To relief the gums pain and soreness, it is better to avoid the use of commercial mouth rinses, which contain alcohol, as it dries out your mouth.

What Does Natural Gingivitis Treatment Involve?

The natural gingivitis treatment options are traditionally aimed at boosting the body immune system to fight off the periodontal disease causing bacteria and calming the irritated, swollen, and bleeding gums. The key to this kind of treatment is the combination of certain natural herbs, organic supplements, and medical drugs, designed for the gingivitis treatment.

First of all, this is the flavonoids, combined together with coenzyme Q10 and vitamin C , which are the natural antioxidants, which can be successfully used as the gingivitis treatment agents, when consumed on a daily basis in the form of thin film coated pills. In addition, coenzyme Q10 is known to have the properties of the free radicals from accumulating in the oral cavity prevention.

Secondly, the flavonoids and vitamin C combination is known to strengthen the gums connective tissue and decrease their inflammation.

Apart from the natural remedies, which are the combinations of several gums calming and immune system boosting agents, the separate one-component organic supplements get successfully used for the gingivitis treatment.

How Can the Organic Supplements Be Used for Gingivitis Treatment?

The first and foremost effective gingivitis treatment agent is a well-known folic acid, which is available at any drugstore in the form of pills.

Secondly, it is highly recommended taking the vitamins C and E to promote the gums health and prevent them from bleeding.

Thirdly, use the dental care products, containing the neem, as the part of your gingivitis treatment program. This Old World tree oil is particularly effective periodontal disease fighting agent, as it has natural antibiotics among its ingredients.

And fourthly, the same gums calming, anti-fungal, and antibacterial peculiar of neem properties are attributed to aloe vera, which can be used as the gums compresses or be among the natural toothpastes and mouthwashes active ingredients.

What Does Professional Deep Dental Cleaning Involve?

The professional deep dental cleaning is a gingivitis treatment procedure, used for the major and advanced periodontal disease conservative curing, as long as this periodontal disease stages are associated with the tartar accumulation, which is too hard to be removed by the conventional teeth brushing.

As well as the ordinary oral hygiene procedures, it is called to remove the dental plaque and tartar from a patient's teeth. However, unlike the teeth brushing and flossing, this gingivitis treatment procedure presupposes your dentist's close manipulations and usually involves dental scaling, teeth polishing, and, in more severe periodontal disease cases, gingival curettage.

The first gingivitis treatment procedure, which is the dental scaling, focuses on the dental plaque and tartar removal, using the special ultra-thing dental appliances. This is usually followed by the teeth polishing, which is called to remove the stains. And the latter gingivitis treatment procedure, which is gingival curettage focuses on the periodontal pockets and gums soft tissue lining removal. This is necessary to kill the periodontal disease causing bacteria and remove the diseased gum tissues.

You should especially thoroughly follow the oral hygiene rules after the professional deep dental cleaning gingivitis treatment procedure to prevent the future periodontal disease reoccurrence.

So, it is highly important to reveal the periodontal disease symptoms early enough to start the timely gingivitis treatment. Remember, that it requires a lion portion of time and patience, as you simply cannot get over the periodontal disease in one day. However, the key to the gingivitis treatment success is maintaining an adequate oral hygiene practice and closely following your dentist's recommendations. Be healthy and wealthy!