Dry Mouth in the Morning: Norm and Abnormality, Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention

It is quite natural to occasionally wake up with the thirst and dry feeling in your mouth. However, if you regularly experience the dry mouth in the morning and immediately run in the kitchen in desperate hope to get a glass of water, it is a rather warning sign.

When the Dry Mouth in the Morning Is a Norm?

Even people with the absolutely normal health wake up with the occasional dry mouth in the morning, especially during the warm seasons. Apart from the environmental condition, this sign is linked to the natural body functioning, not to mention salivation, rates lowering, when you sleep.

However, there are certain signs, which indicate that your dry mouth in the morning is actually out of the norm.

Where to Start, When Willing to Eliminate the Dry Mouth in the Morning?

Prior to starting suspecting the major health condition associated your dry mouth in the morning underlying source, check the air dryness and temperature in your room.

According to the Mayo Clinic experts, the moisture lacking indoor air frequently triggers the mouth dryness development, especially during the colder months. Secondly, they provide the reference that the individuals, who snore and / or breathe through their mouth, when they sleep, often face the dry mouth in the morning disorder. The third most common dry mouth causes are tobacco chewing and smoking, plus tea, coffee, and alcoholic beverages intake.

However, no matter how minor your dry mouth in the morning trigger seems to be, it requires the thorough management on its early stages. The ADA experts keep constantly warning that the persistent dry mouth lowers the natural oral cavity protection barriers and, thus, leads to the dental caries, gingivitis, and other acute dental conditions.

When Is the Dry Mouth in the Morning a Warning Sign?

What is more, remember that the dry mouth in the morning might be a dental or even general health disorder warning sign, when accompanied with at least one of the following symptoms.

To start with, it is worth getting highly concerned, if your dry mouth in the morning symptom becomes the chronic and annoying disorder. Apart from the increased thirst, it often gets accompanied with cracked mouth corners, tightening or burning feeling in the mouth, or even canker sores development. Note that the lacking the saliva dry tongue tends to stick to your mouth roof. In addition to being dry, the tongue commonly gets rough and red.

The thick saliva and /or bad taste are two more symptoms, indicating the major underlying source of the dry mouth in the morning. Also never neglect the accompanying unexplained weight loss warning sign, not to mention the chronic constipations and / or acute joints pains one. When the dry mouth in the morning is not treated on its early stages, the patients might end up experiencing the swallowing, eating, and even talking difficulties.

What Are the Underlying Health Conditions Causing Dry Mouth in the Morning?

As it follows from the very condition name, the dry mouth in the morning syndrome is most closely linked to the saliva production impairments. In their turn, these might be caused by such trivial general conditions as a common cold, flue, body dehydration, and also aging related issue.

However, the impaired saliva flow can be equally triggered by the digestion systems disorders; salivary gland stones, infections, physical damage, or removal; certain medications intake, or even certain major general health conditions.

The general health diseases, featuring the dry mouth in the morning as their warning sign, include the AIDS, cancers, and Sjogren's Syndrome; neurological diseases, such as Parkinson's disease, stroke, and Alzheimer's disease. And finally, it is worth considering dehydration related conditions, including diarrhea, vomiting, anemia, and also the acute infectious diseases, causing the increased sweating.

What Medications Are Likely to Trigger the Dry Mouth in the Morning?

According to the ADA experts, the medications are the number one dry mouth development cause. Almost 600 medications have the dry mouth in the morning sign among their side-effects. First of all, these are the prescribed drugs, which include antihistamines, analgesics, decongestants antidepressants, muscle relaxants, high blood pressure medications, sedatives, not to mention the illegal drugs.

And secondly, the chemotherapy related drugs considerably hinder the salivary glands natural functioning, which inevitably leads to the dry mouth in the morning syndrome development.

How Is the Dry Mouth in the Morning Treated and Prevented?

Obviously, the disorder treatment tactics are closely linked to its triggering source type. For instance, when the dry mouth in the morning sign gets determined to have the infectious nature, it is usually successfully eliminated by the antifungal or antibiotic medications intake.

If the dry mouth in the morning is the warning sign of certain medicine intake, the healthcare expert is most likely to prescribe the new one to replace it. In the event, when there is no way to replace the medication, its dosage is to be lowered.

The Mayo Clinic experts highlight the importance of the plenty of water intake. It is also advised to avoid the sugary and acidic foods and drinks, not to mention coffee, as they are known to trigger the dehydration and consequent dry mouth in the morning development.

The dry mouth high risk group members get additionally encouraged to take the advantage of the special dental care salivation stimulating products line. It includes the appropriate toothpastes, gum gels, mouth rinses, and even artificial saliva substitutes. Certain home remedies and dietary changes have also proven to be highly beneficial for the dry mouth in the morning prevention and treatment.

And finally, remember that the early dry mouth in the morning symptoms diagnosis is the foremost important key to its successful treatment. Be healthy and wealthy!