Yellow Teeth: Outer and Inner Tooth Discoloration Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Prevention

In fact, many people face the yellow teeth disorder. Some of them have it from birth and the others acquire this teeth discoloration in the flow of life due to the outer staining agents or merely aging.

However, sometimes, the yellow teeth shade is not a purely aesthetic problem and might be the sign of a major dental and even general health disease. So, this is actually not the issue to ignore. And here is why.

What Are the Physiological Grounds for the Yellow Teeth Shade?

Before discovering how it is actually better to whiten your yellow teeth, it is highly important to understand what causes the problem and eliminate the possibility of the underlying health disease. And the first step on this way is to discover exactly what part of your tooth has been affected by the discoloration.

The thing is that the intensity and nature of the yellow teeth color are linked not only to the discoloration causes, but also to some purely anatomical factors. A tooth has three main layers. The outer one is called the enamel, which is followed with the cementum, and finally comes the pulp.

The absolute majority of the yellow teeth shade related stains affect the tooth enamel, and thus, can be easily managed. And naturally, the thicker your enamel layer is, the less intensive your yellow teeth will appear, no matter how aggressive the discoloration triggering agents are.

The problems get much sharper, when the discoloration affects the inner part of the tooth, which makes such the yellow teeth whitening and treatment much more complex, not to mention aggressive.

What Causes the Enamel Related Yellow Teeth Disorder?

This way, the most common yellow teeth disorder causes are much more trivial and are associated with the teeth enamel layer discoloration. First of all, this is the poor oral hygiene. The thing is that the dental plaque makes it easier for the food and tobacco stains to accumulate on the teeth. Apart from that, the dental care providers draw the close link between the yellow teeth shade and the overuse of the commercial mouth rinses.

As I have already mentioned, certain foods and beverages intake is the second widespread causes of the yellow teeth problems. In these terms, your closest attention should be drawn to the acidic soda drinks and also staining red wine, tea, and coffee. Such food products as the soy and curry sources, and also blueberries are also better to keep away from, if you want to preserve your teeth enamel white natural color.

Certain medication drugs of the high blood pressure control, anti-psychotics, and antihistamines groups are also likely to cause yellow teeth disorder. Apart from that, the dental care providers warn that the similar discoloration is frequently observed after the prolonged antibiotic medications intake. What is more, the apparent yellow teeth problems are sometimes observed after the iron containing food supplements intake.

And finally, the tobacco smoking, not to mention chewing, negatively influence the teeth natural color. These poor lifestyle habits cause their yellow, and even brown or red staining.

When Does Yellow Teeth Problem Spread From the Enamel to Pulp?

What is more, the medication and tobacco products related yellow teeth discoloration gradually spreads from the enamel to the pulp teeth layer, when left untreated. The medication related inner teeth staining is usually related to the doxycycline or tetracycline consumption before the age of eight years.

Apart from that the teeth tend to get yellow with the age. This presupposes not only the stains accumulation, but also the gradual teeth enamel layer wear. On some point, the dentin layer, which has the yellowish shade, becomes apparent. The yellow teeth color gets even more intensive, as the dentin and also pulp accumulate the stains.

What Causes the Inner Tooth Yellow Discoloration?

The inner teeth yellow color is additionally associated with their poor starting color, which is often genetically predetermined and gets apparent with the first primary teeth arrival. And despite the popular belief, the hereditary pattern associated yellow teeth involve not only the enamel poor starting color, but also the dentin one.

Additionally, the excessive fluoride intake is closely linked to the inner tooth discoloration, which reveals itself in the form of the chalky white and / or soap yellow teeth. And this happens not only due to the actual fluoride containing medication, food supplements, and toothpastes or mouthwashes consumption. The environmental factors, such as rich in fluoride air and water additionally cause the yellow teeth problems.

Apart from that, oral cavity and particularly teeth traumas are also likely to trigger the teeth color change due to the inner pulp bleeding. The same is also relevant for certain dental treatmentsand particularly, the root canal procedure.

And finally, the inner yellow teeth discoloration is often linked to certain dental and general health underlying diseases.

Are My Yellow Teeth The Symptom of the Underlying Health Disease?

To start with, the severe tooth decay is the dental disease, which most commonly causes the yellow teeth disorder due to the pulp acute inflammation. The same is true for the root canal problem. The distinctive tooth discoloration gets apparent after its nerve death.

The enamel hypoplasia associated outer tooth layer thinning also usually causes the yellow teeth problems. The earlier mentioned dental fluorisis related yellow shade prevails near the gum area and gradually moves to the centre of the affected tooth.

How Is Yellow Teeth Disorder Treated and Prevented?

The yellow teeth problems treatment tactics greatly depend on the disorder triggering causes and require previous thorough professional diagnosis procedure.

If your dental care provider determines that your yellow teeth color is associated with the enamel staining, the treatment will be aimed at their whitening. Depending on the discoloration severity, these might be at home used remedies and commercial teeth whitening products. For instance, the baking soda pastes and mouth rinses, whitening toothpastes, mouthwashes, gels, strips, and even professional teeth whitening kits or in-office bleaching procedure.

Unfortunately, the inner yellow teeth related problems require more aggressive teeth whitening professional dental procedures, such as dental veneers placement, not to mention the previous underlying health disease treatment.

And finally, remember that the adequate oral hygiene, raw food intake, and also some poor dietary and lifestyle habits restrictions will help you to prevent the yellow teeth and many other discoloration problems. Be healthy and wealthy!