False Teeth Alternatives: Dental Implants, Bridges, Dentures, and Crowns

Unfortunately, the permanent teeth loss is a particularly widespread and certainly upsetting issue, since not artificial tooth can fully replace a natural one. However, the feeling sorrow will not bring your missing teeth back anyway. So, it is essential to figure out the least supportive bone damaging way of their replacement.

However, the majority of the frustrated patients feel not sure on if their lost teeth need the replacement; and if yes, what false teeth alternatives are worth considering.

Do My Missing Teeth Need Replacement?

Many of us tend to treat the lost teeth issue as a purely cosmetic disorder. From such the point of you, only the visible to the side-viewers front teeth need the replacement and further false teeth alternatives consideration.

However, the ADA experts warn that the missing teeth problem is not only a purely aesthetic challenge, associated with the lowered self-esteem and poor articulation. To make things worse, the missing teeth are likely to lead to the major orthodontic disorders, associated with their neighboring teeth shifting and consequent misalignment. Thirdly, the missing teeth obviously hinder the routine oral hygiene practice; and the dental plaque gets much easier trapped into the gap. And finally, the lost teeth problem is closely linked to the gastrointestinal tract disorders, which result from the partial set of teeth chewing impairments.

All these possible missing permanent teeth complications obviously necessitate their timely replacement with their false teeth alternatives. Still, this issue requires the in-depth research and comparison of the artificial teeth options, considering not only their visual look, but also functionality, durability, costs, and certainly, the possible supportive bone damage plus safety.

What Should I Expect from the Dental Implants Placement?

According to the patients' reviews, dental implants are by far the most naturally looking and also comfortable false teeth alternatives. They are made to fully match the patient's individual teeth starting color during their fabrication in a special laboratory by the artist-like dental technicians. What is more, the dental implants also feel like the natural teeth and thus, enable the normal biting pattern and also teeth brushing routine.

These false teeth alternatives bonding surgery starts with the titanium shifts insertion into the patient's supportive jaw bone. After the grafts retention is completed, the actual artificial tooth can be placed over the graft. The time interval between the grafts and false teeth placement generally takes from three to four months, depending on the individual supportive jaw bone condition and the number of the teeth subjected to the replacement.

Dental implants bonding requires the mild supportive bone damage and is indicated equally for a single tooth and the whole set of teeth replacement.

However, these false teeth alternatives cannot be bonded for the patients with the weak or badly damaged teeth supportive bone, and also for those allergic to titanium. Apart from that, the dental implants costs make them the rather money-consuming false teeth alternatives.

How Can I Benefit from the Bridge Implants?

Similarly to the dental implants, the bridges false teeth alternatives feature the attractive natural look. What is more, their price is much more affordable, when compared to the dental implants costs.

However, the bridges bonding procedure is long enough, since the artificial tooth gets actually secured to the both of its neighboring teeth. The latter peculiarity makes the dental bridges not appropriate for more than two teeth missing replacement. What is more, these false teeth alternatives can be used for the missing teeth replacement, only if it has two healthy neighboring ones.

When Should I Consider the Dentures Alternative?

Dentures are by far the most well-known and traditional false teeth alternatives, which have really long been available at the dental care market.

The artificial teeth for these false teeth alternatives get individually fabricated in the dental laboratory and placed on the fixed or removable plate of special plastic. Depending on the fact, whether the patient has any natural teeth remaining or not, the dentures will be either partial or full. So, the individual with certain number of his healthy teeth will get the partials. Otherwise, the full dentures are to be fabricated.

Still, despite their rather attractive price, these false teeth alternatives are claimed to be particularly uncomfortable, especially for the patients with the dry mouth disorder. Apart from that, the badly fitted dentures might be even traumatic.

Are Dental Crowns One of the False Teeth Alternatives?

Even though the dental crowns are considered to be the teeth restoration alternatives, they still require at list the healthy teeth roots to get placed over. So, they cannot be fully treated as the full blooded false teeth alternatives, but feel like the affected tooth replacement.

Basically, the dental crowns are the caps fitted over the affected teeth; their shape resembles those of the natural tooth and features the protection, regeneration work, and also aesthetic impacts. And finally, the dental crowns are frequently used for the technically healthy, but badly stained or discolored teeth restoration.

And finally, the best false teeth alternatives choice is the wise combination of your personal preferences and you dentist's expertise. Be healthy and wealthy!